Happy Friday! I hope you’re staying warm and dry out there. Here’s what I was up to this week.

How I Earned Money This Week

We haven’t had any income this week! All my clients are paid up for the month, and Dan’s paycheck comes in next week. We haven’t had any Airbnb guests in the last couple of months, which I think is related to the shutdown. Luckily, we structure our bills and spending so that we don’t have to rely on our Airbnb income. Anything we earn from that goes directly into savings or into a home improvement project. So, though it’s frustrating that we aren’t getting many guests right now, it’s not harming us financially.

How I Spent Money This Week

What I’m Writing

This week’s topic was a little heavy, but important to talk about: money shame. If you know you struggle with feeling ashamed about your financial situation, this post might be for you!

What I’m Up To


What I’m Excited About

Dan and I met that foster puppy last Friday night! He was even more adorable in person and he had the sweetest, most loving personality. Unfortunately, everyone else thinks the same thing, so there are several other families we are competing against. We will find out in the next few days who the foster parent decides will be best for him, and hopefully we can take him home with us on February 2nd. Send good vibes!

Money Tip to Take Into the Weekend

Enjoy the holiday!.png

That’s all from me today! Have a fantastic weekend!