Happy Friday! I hope you had a fantastic week. Here’s what I was (and still am) up to!

How I Earned Money This Week

How I Spent Money This Week

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What I’m Writing

This week, I wrote about what to do with the money if you get a windfall. A windfall is when you receive an unexpected sum of money. It’s important to take a beat and make smart decisions with that money. Check it out!

What I’m Up To

I’m holding my first official workshop! On Saturday, September 15th, we’ll be gathering at Yoga Heights in Petworth, DC to learn how to budget! Sign up for the Making & Breaking the Budget workshop today! This is for you if you’ve always struggled to stick to a budget, and you want to find a budgeting framework that works for you.

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What I’m Excited About

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Money Tip to Take Into the Weekend

When you get a sum of money that you weren't expecting or planning on, don't spend it right away. Take a step back and analyze where that money needs to go. Could it help you pay off debt_ Would it bolster your savin (1).png

That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend!