First, I want to say to my Black readers and friends, I see you. I stand with you. I do not ask you to educate me, as it’s my responsibility to do so myself, but if there is any way I can be helpful or supportive, please do let me know.

To my white readers and friends, we need to do better. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you’re forced to question a system that exists for you. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you are forced to interrogate your own biases, unconscious or otherwise. But it’s imperative that we do it anyway. We benefit from the racism in our societal systems. We are the ones who need to fight that and demand change every day. It should never be on the oppressed to fight for the change that’s needed. So if you are devoted to being anti-racist and fighting against white supremacy, here are some places to start:

More Important Resources:

PS: I’m taking a break on the Money Circle podcast this week, because I want to specifically elevate the issues that affect the Black community in the United States. If you are or know of someone who would want to be interviewed about the issues listed below, send me a note at [email protected]!

I’m always looking for more resources and ways to learn. If you have anything that has been important or helpful for you, please send it my way.