Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s what I was up to this past week.

How I Earned Money This Week

How I Spent Money This Week

What I’m Writing

This week, I wrote about why I think everyone should take a money minute every week in order to stay on top of their finances.

What I’m Saying

On the podcast, I sat down with financial therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin to talk about financial anxiety. Make sure you’re subscribed wherever you listen to podcasts so you never miss an episode!

What I’m Up To

What I’m Excited About

I’m heading back to Atlanta next week for the She Podcasts conference! Even though I’ve only been podcasting for like a month and a half, I’m excited to be in a space surrounded by other women who are also podcasting. Plus, some of my favorite podcasters will be there!

What I’m Reading

I’m actively reading two books right now. I started Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino a few days ago, but last night, I started My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite because while I really want to read important essays, I am really much more into fiction these days.

Money Tip to Take Into the Weekend

Knowledge is power.png

That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend!