Love and Money

Thursday, July 28 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | Private DC Residence

Love & Money. What a surprisingly complicated combination. We can be incredibly close to our partners, intimate and open about almost everything in our lives… and then stop short when it comes to money. Talking about money can feel unsexy, boring, or potentially threatening. BUT it’s also very important.

If you’re going to understand and be understood by your partner, you both need to know where you’re coming from regarding money. You need to know if there’s debt, avoidance, savings, or confusion. You need to know each other’s financial hangups and dreams.

That being said, it can seem impossible to discuss money with your partner. Whether it be splitting the bill, spending less money on activities, or saving for the future, money talk still feels taboo. This month, we are going to discuss how to make these conversations easier in our own relationships. Join us if you need guidance, or if you have wisdom to share!

Money Circle is a safe open space where women can ask questions, air fears, brag about accomplishments, and be honest about any confusion they have around money. I will provide light snacks and wine.

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