Introducing the Money Circle Podcast!

Maggie Germano, gives you the rundown on what this podcast will be like and who might enjoy it.

Introducing the Money Circle podcast! In this episode, financial coach and your host, Maggie Germano, gives you the rundown on what this podcast will be like and who might enjoy it. Tune in to see if it’s right for you!

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Maggie Germano: “Hey there. Welcome to the Money Circle podcast. My name is Maggie Germano and I’m a feminist and financial coach for women. I help women develop healthy relationships with money and take control of their finances. I do this through one on one coaching, speaking, workshops, writing, in-person meetups, and now this podcast. Money Circle is a safe, open space where women can talk about money without judgment. It is a place for women to ask questions, share fears, brag about accomplishments, and be honest about their money struggles. I founded Money Circle three and a half years ago to create community and break the taboo around money. I wanted to hold space for women to feel less alone in their financial problems. It started as a Facebook group, grew into a monthly in-person meetup in Washington, DC, expanded to include a virtual membership, and now it’s also a podcast.

As for this podcast, I’ll be here every week to answer your questions about money, give advice, and interview other amazing women about their expertise and how it relates to money. I aim to make money less scary, less confusing, and more accessible. I want to help you feel more confident and more excited about your financial future.

If you have a specific question or issue that you need my help with, email me at [email protected]. If you know a woman who would make a wonderful guest on this show, send me her name too.

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