Money Tips for Women over 45

Maggie Germano, gives you the rundown on what this podcast will be like and who might enjoy it.

Episode Summary

This week, Maggie talks to financial advisor Cris Caruso about what women over 45 need to be doing with their money to make sure they will be secure in the future. They touch on retirement planning, having hard conversations with aging parents, and what younger women can do to position themselves for success.

Episode Notes

Cris Caruso has been a financial advisor with Bump Financial Group since 2004. She believes knowledge is power, and that financial education is empowerment. Cris combines her knowledge and experience with her clients goals, helping them plan for financial freedom. She understands that money can emotional, but also believes that it is a tool that can help us live our best lives. When Cris isn’t working with her team and clients, you can find her on her yoga mat, or spending time at the beach with her wife and dog.

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