Financial Affirmations to Help You Get Your Money Right

This week, Maggie is talking all about positive money affirmations and how to create some that actually work for you.

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Check out Maggie’s blog post from this week to learn more about creating positive money affirmations! Not sure where to start with creating your own affirmations? Here are a few to inspire you:

  • I track my expenses often and with ease.

  • My budget works for me.

  • I am in control of my money.I value my long-term goals over my short-term gratification.

  • I am worthy of financial stability.

  • I am more than my past mistakes.

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Maggie Germano: 00:00 Hey there and welcome to the money circle podcast. My name is Maggie Germano and I am your host. Thank you for tuning in. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe in your podcasting app so that more people will hear about this podcast and listen. This week’s episode is brought to you by Stitcher premium. Listen to some of your favorite shows, ad-free with Stitcher premium like Conan O’Brien needs a friend, my favorite murder, science rules with bill Nye and many more. Plus you can get access to Stitcher originals like the neighborhood listen and groceries, which are two hilarious and lovely podcasts that I personally listened to when I need a break from reality. Stitcher premium is only four 99 a month or 34 99 a year, but if you use the code money circle, you can get your first month for free. Go to to sign up today.

Maggie Germano: 00:50 This week on the podcast, I am talking about positive affirmations related to money because that is one of the things that I often recommend to clients is to come up with some money related affirmations that can help them kind of shift their mindset and feel better about themselves when it comes to their money as well as just their current circumstances and motivate them to keep going forward and get into a better position. So a few weeks ago I interviewed life coach Christina Roman for this podcast. Keep an eye out for her episode in the future. And we weren’t focusing on affirmations during the conversation, but they did come up and something really poignant that Christina said was that affirmations won’t actually be very useful if the person using them doesn’t believe in what they’re saying. If they’re so beyond what you believe to be true, then those affirmations are actually kind of pointless.

Maggie Germano: 01:50 And that’s why it’s so important, Christina said to create affirmations that you can actually believe and that aren’t going to make you feel more distanced from that, you know, hoped for reality. And so that really put an interesting bug in my ear because I’ve also had a little bit of a hard time with coming up with positive affirmations that I felt like maybe were a little too aspirational. I would kind of, you know, not really connect with the affirmation that I was coming up with and I would sort of roll my eyes at them even as I was writing them down or saying them, which kind of goes against what I’m actually trying to do with that. So I thought about this and wanted to help for anyone else out there who is struggling with coming up with affirmations around their money and trying to change their money mindset.

Maggie Germano: 02:43 I wanted to kind of help give some guidance on how to create money affirmations that you actually do believe in and that you feel motivated by. So first I would say start small. You don’t have to try to go from zero to a hundred. In fact, I’m a big fan of setting incremental goals in general and taking those smaller steps that lead up to your bigger goals. This approach makes things feel a lot more achievable and less intimidating. And so that can be helpful when it comes to creating affirmations as well, not just those ultimate goals. You can’t go from thinking you’re the world’s worst money manager to believing that you own your money shit and you can do anything that you want overnight. In fact, trying to tell yourself that might make you feel more frustrated and more alienated. So it’s important to start small.

Maggie Germano: 03:33 Maybe you eventually want to believe that you’ll never overspend again. But for today, tell yourself that you’re capable of tracking your spending. That doesn’t build upon that to say you’ll never overspend or that you know by this time next week you’ll be totally in control. But tracking your money and being able to consistently track your spending is going to be one of the first steps to actually getting to a point where you’re less likely to be overspending. So starting small, building upon where you already are and then you know, taking those steps to where you want to be is going to be really helpful. Next, you should use language. You actually believe. So another thing that Christina Roman mentioned was that affirmations aren’t helpful if we don’t believe what we’re telling ourselves. And like I said, I’ve struggled with that myself. If I don’t believe the affirmation I’m writing down or repeating, I’m going to scoff at it.

Maggie Germano: 04:27 Chances are you feel that way too. So use language that you actually believe in, or at least use language that you can see yourself believing in eventually. Just like the advice I just mentioned, you have to start small and build from there. So for example, you, if you’re going to write down, I am a millionaire, you just know that’s not true. And is that really going to be helpful? Repeating that to yourself so you can say something more like, I have everything that I need right now. Because if you feel like you’re in a position where you have a roof over your head, you’re getting the food you need, you’re getting the medical care that you need. You have family, you have your basic necessities met. But maybe you do want to eventually be in a different position. Appreciating what you have and recognizing that you’re safe and stable can be a good way to start shifting that money mindset so that you don’t feel that lack and that scarcity as strongly.

Maggie Germano: 05:26 So that can be a good place to start. So starting to use that language that you actually believe in doesn’t make you feel like saying that’s not true. As soon as you write it down next, and you may have heard this if you’ve ever really used positive affirmations in general, but one of the keys to this is to use positive language. So instead of saying something like, I won’t overspend, you can say something like, I am capable of spending within my budget. So you’re using positive language, frame your mindset in a positive light. So instead of saying, I don’t do this or I won’t do this, you’re saying I can do this, I do do this. And so it’s more of a positive thought and a positive action that you’re not passive in your actions. You’re taking that conscious action for yourself in that of affirmation.

Maggie Germano: 06:19 And it can make your brain think, you know, this is actually something that’s more real and next is to remind yourself often. So affirmations can be wonderful and transformational, but they won’t always be very helpful if you don’t remind yourself of them regularly. So once you come up with a few affirmations that motivate you and make you feel good, put them in places where you’ll actually see them. Perhaps that looks like a sticky note that goes on the wall by your computer. Or maybe you’re writing them down in your journal or your planner every day or you know, every week, regardless of what it looks like for you, make sure that you’re regularly repeating them to yourself. So for example, when I’m doing a positive affirmation practice, I will take out my daily planner or the notebook that I’m using to track my to do lists and I will sit down and make a list of positive affirmations for myself.

Maggie Germano: 07:14 And so I’m getting into a habit of having to sit there and think about those affirmations and then write them down with my hand. Other times I have written them on sticky notes and put them up on the wall in my office so that whenever I’m moving around or looking around, they will catch my eye and remind me. So figuring out a way that you can remind yourself in a way that’s not going to feel too overwhelming or just kind of make it too easy to skip. So figuring out what actually works for you. So now that you kind of know how to structure your affirmations and where to start and how to start building on them, it’s time to actually come up with some of your own. But you know what? Sometimes when you’re still feeling pretty negative about your money and you can’t possibly see yourself in a better position, it can be hard to know where to start. So here are just a couple that can inspire you. I track my expenses often and with ease. my budget works for me. I am in control of my money. I value my longterm goals over my short term gratification. I am worthy of financial stability. I am more than my past mistakes.

Maggie Germano: 08:32 So those are just a few affirmations to get you kind of started and get those wheels turning in your head to come up with some of your own. If you think of any that are just mind blowing for you and are really helpful in changing the way that you think about money and in changing the way that you think about yourself when it comes to money, I would really love to hear them. So share them. The money circle Facebook group, if you have them or comment on this week’s blog post to put them in there or just send me a note [email protected] or send me a DM on Instagram @MaggieGermano. I would love to hear what is helping change your mindset, what is making you feel better about money and what is motivating you to make changes moving forward. And it’s just in time for the new year when you might want to be making some changes anyway, so this is a great time to get started with a new affirmation practice.

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