A few years ago, I started writing out all of my accomplishments from the past year, rather than only focusing on resolutions for the new year. This was a helpful way to remind myself of everything I actually did achieve that year, instead of only thinking about how I could improve myself moving forward. I am always pleasantly surprised at how much I did in just one year. This exercise also helps me set goals for the next year in an informed and confident way. Here’s what I came up with for this year:

Personal Wins

Getting married and having babies is not the most important thing to ever happen to women. In fact, a friend of mine created a greeting card company that says just that! But there are plenty of personal achievements that I am very proud of from this past year.

Professional Wins

As an entrepreneur, I don’t get to go through an official year-end review with my boss. So I don’t get any organized feedback about what I did well or what I need to improve upon. This can make it easy to ignore the things I have done well, because I’m mostly working by myself. So going back and reviewing what I achieved with my business can be a great confidence boost, as well as an opportunity for learning and improving.

Financial Wins

As a financial coach and just overall money nerd, I take my financial progress seriously. And not all financial wins are related to income or increasing my net worth. A lot of them are actually related to just taking the necessary small steps.

Overall, I think 2019 was a pretty good year! I feel much better after celebrating my accomplishments. I recommend that you do it too! Get started using this worksheet.

What are your different wins from 2019? Share in the comments!