How to Balance Being a Mom and Business Owner

In this episode, Maggie chats with photographer Keila Bottiglieri about how she juggles being a business owner, wife, and mom.

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Keila is a wedding and couples photographer that serves Maryland, DC, and VA. She has changed her career paths a few times; from mechatronics technician to international trade analyst, to finally finding her passion in photography. Keila also runs the marketing for her husband’s soccer academy as well as every aspect in her photography business while being a mother, a wife, a friend, and a daughter.

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Hey there and thanks for listening. I am your host Maggie Germano. And this week, I’m chatting with Kayla Botha glary, who is a wedding and couples photographer in the DC area. In this episode, we chat about how Kayla juggles being a business owner, wife and mom she digs into how important organization therapy and more have been over the last several years for her. If you’re a working parent or you hope you will be one day This episode is for you. Enjoy.

Great, welcome keila thanks so much for being here today.

Keila Bottiglieri 1:48
Thank you so much, Maggie for having me, such a pleasure

Maggie Germano 1:52
Of course. And so before we kind of jump in, why don’t you tell us who you are and what you do.

Keila Bottiglieri 1:58
Okay, so I am Keila lobby wellston, soon to be Bottiglieri. I am 33 years old I moved to this country about 10 years ago, I ended up meeting the love of my life and I got married to him a few years back together. We have Zoey, she’s almost five now. She’s trilingual, and very energetic child.

And after coming to this country, in Brazil, I used to do international trade for a tech company. And when I moved here, I decided to jump into photography, which is like, sort of like a dream of mine a hobby. And I decided to just dive into it and really make a business out of it. So I’ve been running it full time, probably for since January, actually full full time since January. And last year, I was still juggling other jobs and my husband’s company and trying to make it to break it into full time. So yeah, so now I’m here. I’m a mom, I’m a wife. I’m a business owner and the co founder of my husband’s company.

Maggie Germano 3:12
Wow, that is a lot like you were saying.

Keila Bottiglieri 3:15
It’s a lot. It’s a lot certain days, I really am scrambling for time and trying to figure out what can I actually hold on my plate for the day?

Maggie Germano 3:25
Yeah, cuz you can’t necessarily do everything you kind of have to figure it out.

Keila Bottiglieri 3:29

Maggie Germano 3:31
And so, I mean, I know you said that you’re full time with this business just as of this year, but you’re also a co founder of the other company with your husband. So how how has your kind of approach to business changed since you became a mother? Is that something that happened that were you a business owner before you became a mother? Or is it something that’s shifting?

Keila Bottiglieri 3:53
my husband’s company started before we had our daughter on so at that time, I helped him with everything in terms of marketing and choosing our logo and developing our website. I did it all with him at that time. And of course, as soon as we had Zoey, I had to put certain things on the side and just left him to do it all by himself. So a lot of things kind of stayed put because it was a small business. We didn’t have a big finances to be able to hire other people to go through with my job and what I did. So we took a pause on that at least until Zoey was a little bit bigger. And once she got bigger and we were able to actually put her like in a room and she was playing and having a good time. I hopped back on the computer and I got back to managing what I could for him. So I actually took her with me two part time jobs at the time. I had to just let her play as much as possible by herself while I got things done or cooked dinner, etc. So definitely it took a toll after we had her

Maggie Germano 5:00
Oh, yeah, it sounds like it.

Keila Bottiglieri 5:02
Especially because at the beginning of your business, you don’t necessarily have all the finances, you actually have to put everything into your business to make it grow. So it couldn’t at the time, it wasn’t, it was impossible for us to afford daycare, etc. So we had help from my mother in law, but most of the work was done between the two of us.

Maggie Germano 5:23
And did that impact the business success at all?

Keila Bottiglieri 5:27
Certainly, we saw a very slow growth on the first two years. After that we thought we couldn’t paying any more and probably, we, we second guessed ourselves a lot if we could continue or not to make this work and turn into something bigger, because as you’re growing, and you don’t see the income coming in, you start second guessing yourself, and you might think you might have to get another job. But that will also take a toll on your business. So we decided to just stick around and we kept her at home with us. When I used to go work in the mornings, my husband would stay with her and in the afternoon, we would switch on that way we can make the business grow as fast as we could. But it definitely took a big toll.

Maggie Germano 6:18
Yeah, it sounds like it. And I’m sure having some of that flexibility of of having the businesses and being able to at least somewhat determine hours and being able to switch who was on childcare.

Keila Bottiglieri 6:31
It was it was tough, we are often now we are getting very organized with our schedule, everything is on our Google Calendar, including Zoe’s swimming lessons, gymnastics lessons, so we can actually manage together find time to be with her and also manage our businesses, for sure. So we became definitely way more organized. So we have to, we had no choice, but to be very organized with our time. And I’m sure that might be hopefully, especially once she’s big enough, you know, to be out of the house, most of the day of school and things like that, I’m sure having that organization in place is gonna end up being a silver lining routine for her as well. I think as a daughter of both parents to have a very crazy schedule, that is not a nine to five, it’s for sure a little challenging for her as well, because she doesn’t have that routine that other kids have. Some days, I might have photoshoots until late in the day. So she might have to stay with dad or with grandma. And not every day, she will go to bed at 930. Like it’s our goal. But she’s also she’s also getting accustomed to it. But we definitely have a very crazy schedule. It’s very confusing at times.

Maggie Germano 7:53
No, that makes a lot of sense. I totally get that. I mean, I haven’t had that experience myself yet. But even just in the last few weeks of being kind of part time back to my own business and my husband’s back to work after his time off with the baby. We’re kind of figuring out like, when when am I going to be able to actually have time to do things like record this podcast or have client sessions or anything else that I might need to do for my business? Where you know, the baby’s only he’s not even four months old yet, so it’s not like he can just kind of entertain themselves out there 100% of the time first,

Keila Bottiglieri 8:30
right, right.

Maggie Germano 8:31
And he can’t we can’t time his naps or anything yet, either. He’ll sleep You know, for 15 minutes.

Keila Bottiglieri 8:37
Exactly. It’s very tough. But yeah, definitely what I did was those first few months of Zoey, I just try my best to just focus on one thing, which was her and not think of my work or getting back in shape or anything like that just focused on her and I enjoyed her. So definitely, if focusing on that just your baby is such a good feeling is definitely very rewarding. I don’t think any job in the world would will bring you the joy that your your newborn baby brings

Maggie Germano 9:13
Yeah, it helps me I think emotionally after having the baby to like be able to have the time off and not think about my business for at least three months. And just because I mean you have to like recover physically, emotionally, Get to know your baby, get to just even figure out how to become a parent now after not being one. So yeah, thinking about other people who like obviously have to go back to work and don’t have the privilege of being able to stay home or take time off from the business. I have so much empathy after going through it myself.

Keila Bottiglieri 9:47
Absolutely. I honestly just took four weeks off. That’s it. I took four weeks and then I jumped right back into it. And it was it was emotionally distressing, you know, Because you see your baby and you don’t want to miss second with them, you definitely don’t want to miss that. But you have to in other ways, like you have to, it’s also a necessity. So that broke my heart at first going back at four weeks only that she was born. But But luckily she had my husband, we were able to switch our schedules, you know, with my like, I sent her to a daycare or to a stranger, which I know parents, a lot of parents actually do have to do that. And it’s tough on us, it’s really tough as a parent to see our child go so little to daycare. But when you have a dream, when you have a big dream, and you really want to give your kids the best life possible, and show them the world, you have to make some sacrifices for sure.

Maggie Germano 10:47
Oh, I totally agree as you can’t do everything all the time at once. So something kind of has to give and take there. Um, so you mentioned a few minutes ago that, you know, sometimes you’ll have a photography shoot late at night. And so that obviously disrupts the schedule at home. But you know, now that you are running your photography, business full time, and obviously your daughter is still at home, does, being a working mother with all the things that you have to juggle does that affect like how often you’re able to do stuff with your business with, you know, shoots and things like that, then

Keila Bottiglieri 11:29
100% I think until I have her going to school, on a schedule, I will not be able to do everything 100% I’d let things go all the time. This afternoon, I had photos to edit. But she wouldn’t let me she really wanted to read a couple books. And she really had her room to get organized. So she could go back in there and play. So I couldn’t I couldn’t edit my photos, and I had to just let that go for a second. And I’m gonna have to I might have to go back to work at 11 at night while she’s asleep. Because she sees me and she wants to spend that time I’m her world in a way, she doesn’t have other siblings. So everything that she has, so she wants to read a book together, she wants to play together, she doesn’t understand in her brain that I’m actually working. And I really need that time. She doesn’t understand. So I do try my best when I can to just let my computer to the side for a bit and be with her. Another thing that I do for sure to kind of maintain, keep her like happy is I don’t use my phone while I’m with her. If I decide to play with her, let’s say for a whole hour, we’re going to play together her room, I will not touch my phone, I will not do anything else, but to give her undivided attention for that period of time.

But my heart is always divided and work and spending time with her because I have her right here with me. Oh, of course, you know if she was out of the house, of course, like you could focus on the work only. But when there’s the work at home and the child at home, I’m sure you feel like your attention is divided all the time. It’s completely divided. And you feel guilty because they their their emotional. They’re emotional creatures, and they’re gonna hit you where it hurts. And they’re gonna say, Mommy, you’re never play with me. So she will hit me where it really hurts so that I feel really guilty. But I just tried to keep my sanity for sure. Try to divide things balanced it out.

Maggie Germano 13:35
Yeah. And so how do you approach that I know, you know, when we were emailing back and forth a little bit before doing this interview, you mentioned that figuring out priorities and figuring out the focus has been something you’ve been working on over time. So, So how have you, I’m sure you don’t have it all figured out. Because

Keila Bottiglieri 13:54
no I, I definitely don’t. But before COVID actually very lucky of me, I came to the realization that I needed a therapist. It was time for me to get help. Because sometimes I was overly stressed. I was just juggling everything I wants and feeling so angry all the time that I decided to get a therapist. And my therapist has been helping me for the longest time to organize my life into she calls that every little aspect of my life is a plate. And she tells me you can carry all those plates all together because you’re going to drop them. So what is it today that you’re going to carry on your hand? What are the plates that are important for you today? So that’s the thing that I wake up and I decide what is really important today. So today for example, Zoey has swimming lessons. So that is one play that I want to carry. I want to be the one responsible for taking her bringing her back and spending that quality time with her. So that’s one plate. I had one photo shoot in the morning. So I carried, I want them with me. And I organize the house, and I still have those photos to edit. And I still have my husband, I have dinner, I have to spend time with him. But one of those I might have to drop, which probably will be editing those photos, I will just drop it and really drop it just tried to not feel guilty about it and try to do it on another day at another time. So I only carry a few things or a day that are important for me. And I always keep I will skip Zoey and my husband and priority. And third comes my job. But certain things will be left for the following day just so I don’t get frustrated. So what I tried to do now is everything is in my calendar, whether is spending time was always on my calendar, cleaning the house on my calendar. And that way I can visualize it at the beginning of the week, how things are going to go. So I am going to juggle all these things. But I’m being a little bit more mindful and organized. So I don’t get frustrated as much as I used to. So that’s definitely something my therapist helped me with. And I follow through with all her directions. And I keep that calendar really close to me, I look at it every morning to make sure I don’t miss anything. And yeah, and I just carry what I can. And for sure before, before therapy, things used to frustrate me a lot. It was heartbreaking that I had to be cleaning or cooking. And I knew I had emails to answer. And I knew I had photos to edit, it would frustrate me a lot. And now I’m starting to learn that certain days, the dishes are going to be in the sink. And that’s okay. That’s okay. We’re just gonna juggle what we can to make sure we’re saying, Yeah, I was gonna say that must help so much more with your sanity. Because you cannot do everything at once. It’s literally impossible. I can’t it can sometimes I would cry. I’m like, I wish I really wish I could go to the gym. And I just thought so I decided to just figure it out in my heart, what was really important for that day, and just do what really mattered. And let go and really let go of what I cannot do. Because that’s that frustration turns into anger. And very often you’re my daughter would come to me and like, hey, mommy trying to have a really nice conversation. And I was just like, what, what do you want, oh, my God, because I was angry, I was frustrated with the way my life was was going now. Everything was crumbling in my head. Well, every day, they’re still crumbling. But I just decided to like, let go of a few things for the next day. And try my best.

Maggie Germano 17:41
I think that that’s so smart. And I think finding a therapist and acknowledging that you were feeling that way is so brave, and it’s just a lot of people just don’t do that they kind of push it away and just don’t admit how they’re feeling and that they’re struggling and they don’t ask for help. And then like you said, things are gonna fall apart eventually, anyway, you’re going to be reacting to the people around you in ways that you wish you didn’t. And it’s just so much better to get help from somebody else who can help you kind of, like you said, visualize things in a different way. And also just see that you can’t do everything at once.

Keila Bottiglieri 18:18
100% I never thought I needed a therapist until I started. And now I see my life completely changed. She helped me she helped me see the things that I wasn’t seeing. She allowed me to look back at my childhood and see why I had this massive need for controlling and keeping my house so clean all the time. So she helped me see what was really important and learn how to juggle those things and be okay with the decisions of the moment that are asking of me. So definitely the therapy was a major help. I think when you’re running a business, sometimes you might let go of your personal life or your self care time because you really have goals and aspirations where you want, where you want to see your business. And you kind of let go of yourself and your therapist will be there to remind you “Hey, it’s okay to take a break. Have a real break. It’s okay to have time for yourself.” Not always I can follow through and do what she told me. “Oh, Keila, go have the 30 minutes to walk outside.” Not always I can do it. But at least I have that someone to help me navigate through life in a healthier way.

Maggie Germano 19:28
Yeah, no, I think that’s great. And aside from the therapy, are there other ways you try to you know, you mentioned self care or what are other ways you try to take care of yourself?

Keila Bottiglieri 19:37
So, gym is really important. For me it has since I was a teenager I used to go workout and that time at the gym is really important for me as in my me. Time is a quiet time. I don’t have anyone talking to me. I’ll have my headphones on. Sometimes I’m listening to a podcast or a book and that moment for me is really important. Also through the pandemic, I picked on yoga. So I do yoga with Adrian online over there for free on YouTube, and I just wake up, pull my mat on the floor, and I just do our flow. And that helps me for the rest of my day. So I try to apply those things because they make me take care of myself because through the whole day, all I do is cater to everything else around me. But when I’m doing yoga, and I’m doing the gym, those are the things that I do for me and me alone, those those matter to me, they make me feel better, they call me down. And those things I try as much as I can to put on my calendar. So my yoga is there on my calendar every morning at 8am. The gym is there every single day at 11. Not every day, I can do it because I can’t juggle it all. But is there on my calendar to remind me to care for myself.

Maggie Germano 20:13
I love that. And I love what you said about how it’s just for you. It’s not for anyone else, you know, it’s something that makes you feel better makes you feel more in control gives you that time to yourself. And I think framing it that way. Like what is a self care item that only really applies to me, because that’s something I struggle with too. It’s like, oh, I’ll take some time to myself, my husband won’t take care of the baby and I’ll go organize our closet instead of resting

Keila Bottiglieri 21:19
but believe it or not, I feel a massive pleasure When I declutter My house is like, I do also think that it’s like it feels like self care. But your therapist will tell you that’s not self care. You’re just you’re just switching responsibilities. You’re so addicted to responsibilities that you just switch because I used to do that too. I love decluttering taking things like, oh, wow, this closet needs like some decluttering. And I used to do that as self care. And it’s not.

Maggie Germano 21:48
I’m learning that too, because I never feel I mean, I feel accomplished afterwards. But I’m never like, oh, wow, Isn’t that nice? I’m so glad I have that afternoon to clean and organize instead of be a little frustrated afterwards

Keila Bottiglieri 22:01
And especially with organizing, you can organize today, but a month or two months later, everything will be there, that mess is coming back to you. So it’s sort of like a time that goes away. So definitely organizing is not self care.

Maggie Germano 22:17
So obviously, you’ve been juggling work and life and motherhood over the last couple of years. Looking back a little bit is there anything you wish you had done differently in the beginning that you would recommend people kind of

Keila Bottiglieri 22:34
I think this organization with my time would have been something that I applied right at the beginning. When you organize your calendar, and you and you try to look at your week ahead of time, you prepare yourself, you prepare your mind and your heart for everything that’s to come. And you don’t feel so frustrated when things don’t go. Don’t go into place like organization for sure was something that I was missing from my life at the beginning. So I could have in the past organized my my life better. So I wouldn’t be as frustrated with my businesses or my personal life. When you make time for things is easier. Like if you plan ahead of time with your husband, hey, we’re going to go on a date night on Friday, put on your calendar, it seems a little stiff, right. And my husband was really kind of against it at the beginning. Like I don’t want our life to be this mechanical thing that we have to schedule. But it came down to it. And now we now we have to if now we’re not gonna make time for ourselves. If now we’re going to Friday night, be answering emails and trying to edit photos because that’s our life, we still need time especially because we have Zoey at home. We don’t have that time throughout the day. So when we schedule things, we make time for those things, we will go to dinner on Friday night and spend that quality time together or we will make sure we’re there for Zoe’s gymnastics class just to watch her and get that hug of excitement of hers. So definitely for anyone starting out or struggling, I would definitely start with organization, putting everything into your calendar and, and trying your best not forcing yourself to stick to everything, but really just trying to see your week ahead. So that’s definitely a big thing for me. And I think if I would include one more thing therapy, for sure, especially for a business owner, therapy is really key for your growth for you to start seeing your mistakes with a different light learning from them instead of like crucifying yourself when you don’t get things right. So the herpe for sure is a big thing for me.

Maggie Germano 24:42
I love that. And I mean, I think what you were saying about the organization piece in the calendar, I can totally see people being like, oh, but then there’s no spontaneity and everything’s like so structured. It’s like Yeah, but then you’re actually making sure that you’re taking the time together. As opposed to just letting things kind of fall away and not being thoughtful. So I mean, I think I think that the structure is actually underrated. And it’s can be more helpful than having everything just seemed kind of exciting. And it’s very helpful.

Keila Bottiglieri 25:19
I think if I would wait for instantaneous time to go out to dinner with my husband, I have no idea when that will happen. I have no idea because nothing comes up like hey, we can we take your daughter on a date, and then you can go with your husband. No, that never happens, then never happens. Friends are gonna invite us for something like a walk in the park, but nothing that gives me the time to go with him and do something just the two of us or even make time for myself. If I don’t put it there on my calendar eight in the morning that I’m going to the gym, believe me is always gonna ask for pancakes this morning. And we’re actually going to cook. But if I know that is on my calendar, I have to go to yoga, I will tell her like baby, I would love to make you pancakes. But pancake days is on Sunday. Right now mommy has yoga. I’ll be right back. Because it was scheduled. So it was so my calendar, I made time for myself because I put it there. And that’s another thing that I learned from a book A while back ago was that I don’t break the promises for myself or I try the best that I can to not break the promises for myself. If I tell myself that I am going to do those things for me. I am going to keep my promises to myself before I before anything else.

Maggie Germano 26:32
That’s great. That’s not only great for you, but I bet you’re teaching her really valuable lessons about sending setting boundaries and sticking to those communicating your needs and boundaries. And like you said, keeping promises to yourself, not just to others. Absolutely. That’s great. So that’s like a two fold benefit, like you’re helping yourself, but you’re helping her too

Keila Bottiglieri 26:55
Yeah, I hope I can teach her to be organized with her time as well. I even tried to adapt her schedule. She knows exactly what she’s supposed to do throughout the day. She knows how much time she has for, let’s say TV, she only has her 30 minutes in the morning. And it’s in her calendars and her door actually all the little squares of everything that she has for the day. So she also knows what her date looks like, for sure. So I think I think we’re all learning together for sure in this house.

Maggie Germano 27:22
No, I bet. Is there any other advice you would give to business owners say a current business owner who’s not yet a parent but wants to become a mother down the road? What kind of advice would you give them to kind of keep in mind that you haven’t mentioned already.

Keila Bottiglieri 27:40
If you’re not a parent yet, I would say really make sure it’s the right time or focus on what really matters if you really want a child. And that’s really what you want, make sure you’re ready to let go of your business a little bit and open up that space a little bit. Because you’re not going to have it you’re not going to have the same amount of time for your business, just not your your child is going to need you. And even if you get childcare, you will still spend times in your day thinking about them organizing their life and hiring people to help you. So you’re gonna need to let go of your business a little bit, but it’s okay because you can get back to it once your child is a little bit bigger. Just make sure you make the time for what it’s in your heart at that time. When I had Zoey she was in my heart I wanted her I wanted to be with her. So I made sure to put everything else on the side for a little bit and I focused on her so that’s also something that I’m learning through therapy is that I do what really is in my heart at that moment and I’m gonna go full heartedly like if her if she is my my priority right now I am going to do my best to let my phone go and really focus on that moment and being present in the moment. So if you want a child and that’s really what you want, be ready to let go a bit a bit of your business but don’t be discouraged because you can definitely come back to it when it’s time. I definitely see that now so is almost five and I see that now we’re picking things back up and I know once she goes to school, we are going to be in the speed of life and we’re definitely going to make everything work even faster because but but now we know we have her and we love like growing a business with her. We know that one day we’re gonna look back and show her that she was right there when we were doing photo shoots. She actually came with me on Sunday for my photo shoot with my husband they stayed on the on a picnic blanket while I went to my photos and I’m I’m juggling two things but at first is a little bit harder your baby needs a lot of you you might you know that how much your baby’s now requiring of you. So just having that in your mind that you’re really taking the time for your baby enjoying it and being present tried to enough divided by the two things just really like go a little bit.

Maggie Germano 30:04
That’s great advice. Yeah, I think just recognizing things are gonna change. It’s not like the baby’s gonna be born and you just go back to normal after a couple months, it’s, even if you are still going to be, like you said, having child care outside of the home, you still have, you know, you have to drop everything to go rush to your kid if they need you, or, you know, focusing more on them in the mornings, and in the evening. So things obviously changed. So yeah, I think that’s really great advice that you just don’t do

Keila Bottiglieri 30:32
any. And if you’re not aware of those changes, like I think I wasn’t I wasn’t a little bit naive, to be quite honest, at the beginning of everything. I wasn’t aware that my life was going to change this much. Honestly, I was telling the story to my husband, I thought that having kids was changing their clothes to cute outfits. And, you know, they were they would eat a lot. But I thought it was easy. I thought it was much easier than what it is. And it’s not, it’s time consuming. It’s it takes a toll on you. And you won’t have you won’t have the same amount of time for sure. But But later on things get better for sure.

Maggie Germano 31:09
Yeah, no, that’s good to hear. And is there anything else that we haven’t talked about, you know, you talked about therapy, and scheduling and letting go and choosing priorities for different days. Any other advice you would give to working moms out there?

Keila Bottiglieri 31:28
I think like, I think my biggest advice, and I really see that in my own child, or I see it with other kids around there around around me, is when we will all work a lot. We all even if you work a nine to five job, you’re still working and you’re taking that time from your child. I do believe when you have a kid, you need to spend quality time with them. And I’m really big on that. So when I say I don’t use my phone while I’m in my daughter, I don’t use my phone, I do not want my baby to to look at me and try to show me her drawing. And I’m right there with my phone in my face. Because my phone or my work nothing. At the end of the day. What’s more important, it’s my daughter as she is the most beautiful thing in my life. And I, I highly advise moms out there, make sure you’re conscious about your phone in front of her kids. Just look at them. If I go down to your knee when you’re talking to them have that connection with your kid, because when they’re big, you are going to miss that because they’re not going to be as connected to you as you expected. So just try to be conscious of that. Put your phone down a little bit. I guarantee you that email will still be there. And but just look at your kids and in their eye. They appreciate it so much. I do see for example path last week that I had to travel for work when I came back. So we was much more rowdier. She was not she was not herself. She was needy, she needed my attention she wanted so bad. And she started acting bad because she really wanted that attention. And as soon as I dropped everything, and I started giving her time again and looking at her in her eye, and attending to her like in her needs, with a little bit more intention, she calmed down automatically, she became she came back to normal. So you’re the world to your child. So make sure you really have been at least a little bit of time in the day that you sit down and have a conversation with them. And you ask them how the playground was and how was their zoom class, but really give them that time not being on your phone. Okay. Uh huh. How was it? How was your class? Okay, give me a second. That it’s something that to me, I do. And I’m not saying that I don’t do it throughout my day. But I do have a block in my day that is just hers that we’re going to talk eye to eye. And she loves it. She loves this so much. So I think that’s definitely like, my biggest advice to is is to really look at your child eye to eye and spend that quality time with them. Even if everything else is falling apart. Your child is like priority.

Maggie Germano 34:15
I love that. That’s really great advice. And I think that’s a really great place to kind of end on as well. And so is there anything going on with your business that you would like to promote to listeners so they know what’s going on with you?

Keila Bottiglieri 34:28
Well, so right now I am diving into wedding photography. So if there’s anyone engaged and will like and not amazing wedding photographer and I’m here for you, so nothing to necessarily promote but keep an eye out there for my work. I do it with so much love and so much joy and I put all my heart and time and soul in it. So it’s Keila Bottiglieri and yes, so that’s my business, a wedding photographer.

Maggie Germano 34:57
Great and I will link to your website in the show notes for this episode.

Keila Bottiglieri 35:00
Thank you so much this is such an honor. You’re amazing. I heard great things about you. I hope I have more time now. There’s always going to school. So listen to all your podcasts. I have been wanting to listen to all of them one by one. And I hope now that she goes back to school, I can actually spend some time like for myself and listen in listen to amazing women like yourself. Oh, definitely, definitely. It’s an honor for me.

Maggie Germano 35:27
Oh, thank you very much. That’s great. And are you on social media or anywhere else that where people can follow you?

Keila Bottiglieri 35:33
I am. I am. So it’s Keila.bottiglieri. And that’s my ID handle. That’s where I placed all my work on my wedding photos. They’re great.

Maggie Germano 35:48
And I’ll link to that in the show notes as well. So everyone has easy access to you. Of course, I’m Thank you for taking the time out of your day with everything that you have going on to chat with me.

Keila Bottiglieri 35:59
Thank you so much. Enjoy your baby as much as you can, love.

Maggie Germano 36:02
Thank you too.

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